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This white paper covers the topic of search engine optimization from the point of view of AnalyticaA. Starting with an introduction to the basics of OnPage and OffPage optimization, point 2 highlights the key changes to Google’s ranking algorithm over the last few years. Among other things, the possible influence of user signals, for example the click-through rate (CTR) and the pogo embroidery, on the Google ranking is discussed.

The functionality of Google’s Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain, is also explained. Since backlinks – according to Google – are still an important ranking factor, the third point is dedicated to link building. Among other things, some central link building strategies of the AnalyticaA are explained here. The next point covers the 10 most important OnPage aspects in the concrete optimization of websites. Then we answer 5 questions that often come up in the context of SEO optimization. It concludes with snippets of real OnPage analytics from AnalyticaA customers demonstrating how theoretical knowledge about search engine optimization can be applied in practice. With the Affordable SEO in Tempe you can come up with the right support.

Basics OnPage / OffPage SEO

In principle, the keyword “SEO optimization” is redundant, because SEO already stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, in German search engine optimization. SEO refers to the entirety of all measures that have the goal of making a website appear higher in the organic results of search engines. Organic search results can differentiate between search engine advertising (SEA), which is controlled by Google, for example, through AdWords.

  • Basically, a distinction can be made in SEO between OnPage and OffPage optimization. OnPage measures take place on the website, while OffPage SEO includes all actions that take place off the own website. The most prominent example of OffPage SEO is link building – even though backlinks today are only a relative influence. Google has now equipped its algorithms with numerous filters against Linkspam, but still the number and quality of the backlinks of a page is crucial, whether it ranks or not.
  • The most well-known figurehead of the importance of backlinks for the Google search engine optimization was in the past the PageRank, named after the Google founder Larry Page. He and his partner had the ingenious idea of ‚Äč‚Äčevaluating individual documents based on the overall structure of the World Wide Web, which means in practice, by linking them with other documents. The PageRank Toolbar has been discontinued, but the page rank of a page is still calculated internally by Google.

The OnPage section makes a rough distinction between content and technology. Search engine optimized content differs in the classic SEO of ordinary content mainly by one thing: the correct use of the right keywords. Keywords (keywords) are basically the words that a user searches for on Google & Co. for a product or information. Keywords are still of great importance in search engine optimization, not least because the conventional search engine uses a keyword analyzer to check the content of a document and then virtually decide whether the respective page is relevant to a specific search query.

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